Philips Windows of the Future

When I travel, the sophistication of my hotel window is hardly one of my major concerns. I’m more concerned with the fact that I’m running on America time and my jet lag has me craving sleep at 3:00 PM. How do I calm my nerves and my jetlag? Daylight. No not actual daylight, that stuff’s the devil. I mean the new ‘Daylight’ concept that Philips is integrating into several hotels that have agreed to house these magic windows.

To begin, the entire window is hands-free and controlled by gestures, so if you want a curtain, slide your hand from left to right over the window and a black design will begin to cover the space of the window and block out the sun. The personal mood setting tailors to the user and manipulates natural and artificial light to create a customized ambience and enhance outside views. The Alcove Light Therapy (an incredible breakthrough for those running on America time) uses blue and white lights to counter jet lag and raise energy levels…guess Philips has never heard of coffee. The best feature about the ‘Daylight’ window, though, is its Wake-Up Transition, which wakes its user by slowly lessening the amount of black design on the window to reveal natural light and playing sounds of nature to make the transition even smoother. Philips is, thankfully, hoping to install these windows everywhere from commercial planes, hospitals, and schools to airports and homes so we can expect them to literally brighten up our lives very soon.