You know the economy’s in a bad state when people need to imitate living in the womb in order to relax. The i-Sopod ($TBA) is basically an orb of relaxation and comfort that is designed to float above calm waters or sit in a peaceful room. The user lies within the capsule and their senses are attacked by so many levels of tranquility.

The rocking motion of the pod on water eases the passenger into a world of bliss while the changing colors of light provide an atmosphere of carelessness. It literally and figuratively shields you from outside problems and worries and offers you a place to get away from it all, if only for an hour. With a low energy consumption, innovative filtration system and fully programable system the i-Sopod suits anyone and everyone while lowering that harmful carbon footprint. Lay down and listen to your music from its integrated mp3 player, or just close your eyes and let the water rock you to sleep. By the way, we are aware that the I-Sopod looks like an ancient computer mouse.