Robinson Produces 10,000th Helicopter

A congratulations is in order as Robinson Helicopter in Torrance, California has recently delivered its 10,000th helicopter! A celebration was held at the company’s factory where employees, reps from the city and the FAA and Robinson vendors were in attendance. This number alone is impressive but when you factor in that the helicopter company takes no government grants or contracts, it starts to seem unbelievable.

It’s easy to say they deserve their success, manufacturing some of the highest quality helicopters in the world (what they believe to be the best) but lets looks at some of the statistics and see how big 10,000 helicopters really is. Robinson has been around since 1973 and shipped its first helicopter in 1979, so that’s 32 years that they’ve been making helicopters. In those 32 years the company has produced more civil helicopters than all other U.S. manufacturers combined!

Their current production rate is 10 helicopters per week and believe this year’s will more than double that. If you’re wondering who got the keys to that 10,000th bird, it was Robinson’s loyal Brazilian dealer Audi Helicopters. With 50% of all sales coming from foreign orders, it’s no wonder why these numbers are so impressive.