Blades Girl+

November Blades Girls “Assassins”

If you can’t focus on work because you’re too preoccupied imagining Ryanair’s crew members in lingerie we have the perfect way to calm your member. More lingerie and more seduction. The Blades Girls are back with a vengeance and Mara, Tenaj, Heather and Jessica do their sexy thing for you in a photo series dubbed “Assassins”. Why assassins? Because they got the looks that kill. And admittedly partly because it was the only word with double the ass. Ryanair needed an entire calendar to get you interested in their amateur-model flight attendants, we did it in a month. Why settle with just one model a month? Great things come in pairs so two pairs means twenty-two times the sexy. Now Ryanair said they wanted a competition, but I don’t see a competition here. In fact, I believe secretly the airline wants to use our spread for their new integration of “fun photography” on flights. We all know the real reason you visit Blades, and it’s not for witty shots at the aviation industry. So enjoy and remember it’s all about Blades, Blades and Blades. Ryanair who?…

Message to Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary:
We are not done yet. We will be releasing more Blades Girl “Assassins” photos and a video this coming week. Let us make this into a competition.