SeaWorld’s Orlando New Attractions

SeaWorld is planning its biggest park expansion in its history with the attractions Freshwater Oasis, TurtleTrek and Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Freshwater Oasis will replace the old reefs and will feature a huge area where guests are free to swim and encounter fun otters and marmosets. It will also include an all-inclusive tropical resort for you to swim with dolphins, hand-feed free-flying tropical birds, snorkel with thousands of diverse, colorful fish and rays and kick back on amazing beaches.


TurtleTrek will combine two massive naturalistic habitats: the already in-place manatee exhibit with hundreds of freshwater fish and one with more than 1,500 saltwater fish and dozens of sea turtles. Following that is an enormous domed theater which will be screening a 360 degree visual and audible hyper-realistic 3D computer-generated film that follows the life of a sea turtle through its own eyes. The 190 guests will be standing and leaning on lean rails from all the excitement that the incredible dome offers. Lastly, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin is being kept under wraps, but based on the park’s previous themed lands, it will be massive and include face-to-face interactions with penguins. All of these attractions are to be completed sometime in 2013, with most of them opening in just a few months. I myself cannot wait for all the new attractions, I was kinda getting tired of just watching Shamu trying to escape the pool.