TSA Turns 10

Turning 10 is a big deal. You finally get two numbered candles on your birthday cake and are finally old enough to light those candles yourself. But the thought that’s burning in the TSA’s mind is that, in human years, they are already done with 1/8 of their life. In dog years they may die tomorrow, a death that would make me and the rest of the traveling world very pleased. I don’t know how the TSA’s lasted as long as they have but if they wish to live any longer, they have to stop acting like a child.

Keeping secrets, breaking the rules, not obeying anyone, selling drugs. Correction, the TSA needs to stop acting like a teenager. By not telling the public when their policies change and installing cancer-causing body scanners without the public’s consent they make it impossible to be given any sort of trust. The very people that are supposed to protect us from terrorism are the same ones who make us feel less safe and violate the public more than the criminals they “stop”. The whole agency is ruining the travel business. Polls have showed that travelers would take an extra two or three trips per year if the TSA didn’t do things like force you to choose between being patted down or potential cancer or take your liquids.

Seriously, how is my shampoo gonna take down a plane? Maybe over the next 10 pubescent years the TSA will learn judgment and responsibility for their actions as they transition into adulthood but they definitely have a lot to work out before that can happen. If not, I see an easy $1.3 billion we can cut from the federal budget, money that would be well spent on a new security system.