New Bombardier Global Aircraft Series

With the holidays coming up let’s take a moment to reflect how lucky we are for everything we have: food, clothes, shelter, a Bombardier Aircraft. Very few can afford the luxury and prestige of one of the finest jets in the world. Except for you, because you’re awesome, right? And if you wanna see narcissism as great as yours check out the new Bombardier Global’s video, all it does is state all the great things about itself like its aerodynamic performance and its all-new high-speed transonic wing.

Replace the text with names of actors and the video looks exactly like the opening credits of a movie. Today there is so much focus on going global, perhaps because it inspires a wider range of ideas…and because we’re trying to find a nation whose economy isn’t more screwed than Herman Cain right now. Apparently to Bombardier, going global means you can just put global in front of any noun or adjective and compile it into an ad (“global ingenuity”, “global technology”, “global leadership”, the list goes on and on).

I will give Bombardier this though, their jet is beautiful. With a minimalist white exterior with no need to flaunt and a simple yet classy interior with every motivation to flaunt, the Bombardier Global creates the perfect atmosphere for any “global fun” you might be having.