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Arizona plans expansion at Grand Canyon Airport

It seems like everyone is losing money and wants to expand nowadays. The NFL, the NBA, the world. Thank God curling is safe. The Grand Canyon is arguably Arizona’s biggest appeal next to being one state over from Las Vegas. It reels in 4.5 million visitors annually yet in recent years it has managed to lose about half a million dollars from expenditures. The only place Arizona transportation officials see where resources aren’t being taken full advantage of is the Canyon’s “airport”.

I wouldn’t call it an airport, it’s more like a helipad with helicopter and small plane tours making up 95 percent of its operations. Right now for tourists to witness the marvel they either have to get there by ground or by flying to Vegas and taking a small plane to the Grand Canyon airport. LEA Architects, the architects in charge of the new airport, believe expanding its already existing terminal would relieve the park of its crowded shuttles and overwhelmed facilities. The simple expansion would satisfy security and baggage requirements and allow people to book their own tours, turning the once small terminal into a fully blown commercial airline with tourists more able to frequently visit the attraction. As much as I hate airports, mile-deep national parks are kinda my thing.