Highlining sounds like the drug charge Charlie Sheen was arrested for, and in reality the act is just as insane as he is. It is the cheapest daredevil stunt you can do that will make women want you and parents want you…in court for influencing their children to do this at home.

All it involves is standing on nylon webbing (stretchy rope). Except that nylon webbing happens to be situated 400 feet above the ground. The ends of the rope are attached to adjacent buildings and the highliner clips himself onto the rope so that when he loses balance, he won’t make the front page of newspapers as the man that fell 400 feet to his death.

While being extremely safe, from street level the practice looks suicidal, especially when the liner is jumping up and down, doing handstands, and monkey crawling the length of the rope. “Hey I did it that way before you thought of it!”, said circus tightrope walkers.