Visions of Tomorrow (Video)

I’ve always disliked the figurative use of the word “tomorrow”. When someone says “The Car of Tomorrow” in place of “The Car of the Future”, I cringe. I understand tomorrow represents an advancement from where we are today, but that is not “the future”. I highly doubt we will wake up tomorrow to find cars that drive themselves. Even so I must agree with Lockheed Martin’s “Visions of Tomorrow” where society breeds creation and invention, and imagination conquers.

A modern-day (technically future-day) Renaissance. A world where all disease and illness have been vanquished and hopefully Medicare isn’t what it is today. You can’t disagree that Lockheed Martin, the creators of the P-791 Airship, doesn’t have engineers that “see the world as it can be and seek ways to build it”.

While the video is propaganda advertising the company’s achievements, it is still inspiring and makes you hope you will live to see a completely different world, one driven by technology, creativity and Microsoft.