Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans

While at Blades we are always looking to the future for advancements in the transportation industry, it’s always nice to look at the past and know that at one point that was the future.

Recently awarded Best European Bike at the Deus V Twin Bike Show in Sydney, Australia, the Moto Guzzi Mark 1 Le Mans gives off an elegance best described as “tamed danger”. Though it may not have the same technological flare as let’s say the Hover Bike, the bike is a beautiful classic and visual representation of its era.

One can just picture riding down an interstate just before sunset, topping that comfortable speed of 90 mph and feeling nothing but the air gracing your fingers. It’s also the perfect size, respectable as a hog yet not obnoxious or loud like today’s tasteless Harleys and sports bikes.