Microsoft Office Labs Vision 2019

Though it is unlikely we will be seeing floating 2-dimensional text and polar bears anytime in the near future, Microsoft Office Labs has certainly set the tone for an incredibly technology-driven interactive future. Instead of detailing every feature that Microsoft has hinted towards in their “teaser”, I’ll just give you the big picture. The future is gonna be awesome! If I’m not mistaken the video, with all its beautifully flowing special effects, seemed to have been directed by James Cameron. Every demographic is hit, you got your businesswoman. your mom, your child, your bellhop. your agricultural engineer and your Asian philanthropist. All that’s missing is a wizard.

Oh wait is that a constantly changing newspaper with video? Yeah you got some Harry Potter in there too. Of course the first thing you think of when you hear Microsoft is business…or was it illegal monopoly? Anyhow, business equals travel and the “Phone of the Future” covers everything from boarding passes to translating to directions. An arrow pointing towards where you want to go and a box that says “Your meeting tomorrow is here”, how much simpler can it get? Then logically the next categories that must be covered are business presentations that are manipulated Tony Stark-style, opportunities for child-learning, and being able to visually pick out your breakfast. Amazing. The video follows a narrative (though without any spoken words) depicting the balance between business and family and will spark intrigue while at the same time evoking pathos. Before this would’ve all been dismissed as science fiction but with all the advancements the iPhone has made and the SixthSense putting its money where its mouth is, we may just be onto something here.