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Blades Magazine_Letter from the Editor

Respect. This is a word that I strongly believe belongs to All Pilots. The entire purpose of this magazine’s existence is to bring R-E-S-P-E-C-T back to the aviation industry and let me remind you all that we will continue to bring sexy back every month (Wait until you see December’s Blades Girls). So where did all the respect go? If you are a pilot reading this you know what I am talking about. All pilots share one thing in common and that is passion, passion for flying. This magazine will use that passion and make it into a contagious disease. Infecting all those who read Blades Magazine, our writers will become the voices for the aviation industry, our reader will become the advocates for the next generation of pilots.

Blades Magazine writers are bold, unfiltered and freaking geniuses. We are so anxious to show our readers and advertisers what 2012 is going to bring. All I can say is continue to check up on us. -J.M.R