Bell&Ross BR 01 Airborne II

Funny, for a while I was under the impression that a skull and cross bones represented pirates and not death. Thanks Johnny Depp. Bell&Ross’s BR 01 Airborne II Watch ($6,100.00) was made to remember past members of the Air Force and honor current ones. Though recently people have made a career of jumping out of planes (ehem, Jeb Corliss) it’s hard to believe just 50 years ago brave servicemen had to parachute out into front lines likely under fire and surely into danger. The same fear that Jeb has when skydiving these heroes had for their lives, and instead of having another one of those cheesy “Always Remember” edition watches that are seen on TV, Bell & Ross represented these soldiers as the badasses they were. The watch takes no prisoners and gives anyone that mindset that they just have to go hard every day and battle through every obstacle. Buy one to honor a soldier, to give to someone you wish were dead or just to be able to say “Kill time”.