EDGE helmet by Sky Systems

Remember PORON XRD? The same material used in the G-Force to protect your iPad? Now it’s being used to protect your skull. That’s right, that thing that can do almost as much as an iPad. With this, Sky Systems has designed the most comfortable helmet in the world: the EDGE helmet (TBA). I doubt you pilots would be needing a helmet to save you if the plane starts to nosedive at 30,000 feet, but you skateboarders and bicyclists sure do.

It’s amazing how this miracle foam both comforts and protects, all while keeping your style up unlike every other helmet out there. Adding to its ease of use and functionality is the slide-snap system. Forget buckling together conventional straps that need to be tightened and annoy your chin, the EDGE features a strap that you just pull and snap. You adjust placement of the snap once and you’re ready to just pull, snap and go, confident that the helmet will be securely fastened, protecting that priceless brain of yours.