Panoramic Camera Ball

Yet another revolutionary camera design that couldn’t have even been fathomed mere decades ago. What takes photos? A camera. What form offers a complete 360º view of the space around it? A sphere. Two very simple concepts yet when combined make for some of the coolest, most high-def panoramics ever. The Panoramic Camera Ball (TBA) is a ball with several cameras on its exterior that you throw into the air.

Once at its highest point in the air, it takes a snapshot. Well…really several snapshots. Each camera’s photo is then stitched together by the included software and you get a complete view of your surroundings. If I had one of these on my trip to Italy I would’ve gone around the Louvre museum throwing that ball in every room I entered.

Screw buying replicas of art when I have all of them stored in a single, surprisingly VERY high-def image. Roll it down a hill, use it as a bowling ball, play soccer with it. The amount of time come of you are going to spend messing with the Panoramic Camera Ball is incalculable.