Google ‘s The Green Flight Challenge

With the EPA’s funds at risk of being seriously cut, low or no-emission vehicles need to be made now before we all live in a cloud of regret. The cloud being made of smog. Google (always first in line when it comes to historic achievements) recently held the Green Flight Challenge, a competition to see who would create an aerial vehicle with the least emissions over a cross-country cruise.

The winners of this challenge, Team Pipistrel, created a 4-seat, electric-powered vessel which flew just under 200 miles non-stop, achieved 403.5 passenger MPGs, and released absolutely no emissions. This aircraft, which they named the Taurus G4, was twice as efficient as the second-most emission-free vehicle in the competition, a piston-powered aircraft. The results of this challenge are no doubt foreshadowing how Google will soon become the catalyst for major innovations such the ones built here. An honorable mention goes to Team e-Genius which won another prize for quietist aircraft, an incentive we wish we could’ve had back when the Concords were around.

Congratulations for winning the NASA Green Flight Challenge for the third time in a row!