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Breitling “Too late Baby” TV commercial

There aren’t enough true players in this world. George Clooney and Al Pacino, two guys who’ve vowed never to get married, and Brad Pitt, who has been with just about every actress you wish you could’ve been with. But their generation is passing and a new breed of heartbreakers (please God not Justin Bieber) is needed to keep the torch of passion lit. Meet the replacement. Breitling (yes, this Breitling) aired a commercial recently featuring a guy in a plane (such a sick vehicle to pick up a girl in) on his way to a rendezvous with what I suppose to be his 5th girlfriend (maybe the Tuesday girlfriend, one for each day of the week).

Once he gets there and has to wait more than two minutes for the chick, he just won’t stand for it. She gets there and he gestures “Sorry, too late baby” and flies off to yet another girlfriend he has on his To Do list. The guy does this all with a scary gleaming smile on his face, like he’s in an Enzyte commercial. Come to think of it, this would make a great Enzyte commercial too. Breitling knows how men think and their commercial isn’t saying “Make time for your girl”, they’re saying “Hey, you have an amazing watch and you don’t have time to waste. Buy this watch and you’ll have more girls than the number of hash marks on our watches.”