RotorSpace.com – Social networking for Rotorheads

Pilots love to chat. Even when they’re flying they have headphones on just so they can talk to Air Traffic Control and not get bored staring at nothing but clouds for 6 hours. That’s where RotorSpace.com plays its part. The website is like a Facebook for pilots, and they can chat with each other and post pictures of the wonderful view they have or share things like “Uhh oh, looks like another stormy day..” or “Yes! No traffic!” RotorSpace will redefine statuses, taking them from the mundane (like how terrible Monday is) to the witty (“I always seem to get the window seat”). With Facebook in mind, head over and like RotorSpace’s facebook page to get updated on the site, and while you’re at it, go and like Blades’ facebook page to get updated every time we post anything cool…enjoy the daily messages. The website is sure to redefine airport-related statuses, flipping “Heading out to Newark. I love flying!” to “Heading out to Newark. I hate flying.” and “Wow, I hate the TSA” to “Wow, I hate the TSA”. It’s funny to see how pilots react to airlines and how they have immunity to such mishaps as lost luggage or flight delays (that’s all on them). All you pilots head over to RotorSpace and you non-pilots check it out just for the laughs. Just hope you don’t read a status that says “Tired. I think I’ll take a nap”.