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App delivers meals to your gate at the Airport

The airport. Packed with tourists, businessmen and people that just missed their flight. But they are not the fools. They were the geniuses who saw through the airline’s scheme to get you to buy food or phones or any crap in those “duty-free” stores. Come on, it doesn’t really take “at least one hour before your flight” to make it to the gate on time. If can sprint a 5k in under 30 minutes I can definitely make it to a gate in 20, it’s all just a ruse to lure you into places like Chili’s or Sbarro.

Adding to the nonsense is the “B4 You Board” app (FREE) from the app store, which allows to to order food from certain airport restaurants and either pick it up or have them deliver it to your gate.

Do they pull out your chair and cut your food for you too? How much more babied can a person be! It does make sense though, about half the time I fly I sit and wait patiently for hours staring out the window hoping my plane will suddenly appear and then I run to grab some grub only to find the plane has boarded. Those sneaky bastards. Now you can continue keeping your eye on them while some poor soul delivers you a 12 dollar cappuccino. And if you’re worried about tipping, just say “Oh can’t, got a flight to catch.”