The Rondel

One hit wonders are such an interesting phenomenon. To have a song as critically acclaimed as “Tainted Love” only to fade away into non-existence is a queer mystery. I bet no one knows if those guys are still alive. Come to think of it I bet no one even knows those guys’ names. But there are no one hit wonders in this post. Mission Workshop, the same ballers who brought you the Sanction Rucksack, are back to hit another one of of the park with their new clipless biking shoes.

Current clip-equipped biking shoes are so unilateral and don’t allow the versatility that The Rondel ($80.00) do. Made of full-grain leather, these one-time limited editions give you the option to go from work to the club to the airport (sounds like a crazy night) without having to stop at home to change your shoes. What I can’t get over, though, is how Mission Workshop would have the audacity to give a singular name to a plural pair of shoes. How dare they. In addition to having the best damn commercial I’ve seen in my life, The Rondel solve (or solves? Damn you Mission!) the worldwide crisis known as lame shoes. There is no way you can pull off any level of swag when you walk around with plastic shoes that make you sound like you’re on your way to a tap dancing lesson. A gray leather exterior and a clip that goes into your shoe rather than outside of them allow the possibility that you will actually meet someone wearing The Rondel. From there all you have to do is buy a car so you’re not chauffeuring this girl around on a bicycle your entire relationship. Again, these are one-time limited editions, so get them before they sell out.

Update: We you warned, the Rondel Bike Shoe is now sold out

[$80.00 We warned you, they sold out]