TWIST by mypressi

I sympathize with pilots. Falling asleep is the only way I can get through 5 hour flights, so when I found out they can’t just flip on the autopilot and start to snooze, I was outraged. My wrath was soon calmed, though, when I discovered the sleep-preventing potential of the mypressi TWIST ($150.00).

This portable espresso-maker creates delicious espressos that rival expensive countertop models. The best part, no manual labor involved so none of you pilots will have to take your hand off the wheel…though there’s not much up there to crash into. Simply insert the cartridge (1 cartridge serves for 8 shots), boil water, pour it into the device, and squeeze the trigger, allowing for the flavor to just flow out. The use of gas cartridges that deliver 135 psi saves you the trouble of…well, everything. Pilots can carry this maraca-looking gadget in their carry-on and in under 2 minutes can have an espresso with the power of a 5 Hour Energy shot without risking the whole heart complication thing.