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LegoLand Opening in Florida

When you were hit in the head with a falling bin of Legos as a kid, it’s hard to appreciate the toy at any point in life. So this Legoland Florida ($65 adults, $55 children) that’s opening up in Florida this Saturday is the equivalent of taking me to Elm Street or the Farnsworth House or Hell. So many red and yellow blocks surrounding me bringing memories of a not-too-distant past.

I can see how blue Legos can represent water, how green ones can look like bushes and yellow ones the sun, but to me it all looks like a black eye waiting to happen. Still, the entire place amazes me. Kids can take walks through themed houses, ride on land and water-based roller coasters, and drive through realistic looking streets. Though lets hope they don’t develop the “un-nice words” that Miami is famous for when it comes to driving. Okay…slides, hotels, pools. This place may not be so scary after…is that roller coaster made of Legos?!

[$65 adults, $55 children]