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Southwest Airlines: The Making of Florida One [VIDEO]

I don’t see what’s so special about this video. I could easily show you how to build an airplane from scratch using nothing more than my time-lapse camera. But I lack the ability to upload videos onto Youtube so this will have to suffice. In this Frankenstein-style creation video, Southwest Airlines has taken a break from losing my bags to show you inside and out how Florida’s Specialty Boeing is made. First of all, everyone seems so rushed! Mechanics are scurrying to screw on the engines, construction workers are hurrying to put in the seats and control panels and a whole bunch of other people are just running around for no apparent reason. Despite this applaudable effort to get the job done the plane continuously moves down the assembly line! Is there any consideration for the workers’ safety here? One foul move and they could slip under the wheels of the plane and be as unable to walk as the plane is. And I swear at some point I saw someone install a trap door where they throw all the “good luggage” (my luggage).

Also outrageous, according to the video 50 percent of the time spent making the airplane was spent painting it…and it’s not even that good! It’s just a painting of some lady throwing flowers into…ohh…yeah that’s the Florida flag. So if you have ambitions to build your own plane and have found this guy’s achievements less than satisfactory, get a few parts together and follow the video.