Let’s recap the most recent innovations in aviation that have been discussed on Blades Magazine. Virgin Galactic’s unorthodox space-aimed vessels, the bank-breaking Icon 100 A5, the funky-looking Pal-V, and the breathtaking Hover Bike. Now add to the list the newfangled FanWing, a plane that breaks the plane of monotonous aerial designs. The Wright Brothers used propellers, the Hindenburg used Hydrogen, planes use turbines and the Ornithopter uses flapping wings. What does the FanWing use? Vortexes.

Well, technically its rotor cage – which I believe they took from the scraps of a push lawn mower – creates a vortex with enough acceleration to get the plane to about 175 mph. This same spinning rotor cage allows for more thrust efficiency and quicker takeoffs and landings, with little runway needed for both. The re-invented plane design is also more stable in turbulence, easier to maneuver at slow speeds and does not stall. Applications for this efficient, quiet, engine-less, turbine-less craft span across the board with everything from fire control and irrigation to military surveillance and transport that could make use of its discreetness and short runway needs. Though manned versions of the FanWing are still in its early stages, a fully functional proof-of-concept has flown exceeding expectations. When this baby hits the market sales are gonna blow up…like the Hindenburg.