Sharp 80″ Aquos LED LCD TV

Never buy anything unless it’s gonna be the biggest of its kind. Though this could lead to complications (i.e. leasing an unused/unwanted RV or buying one of those bulky 1973 cellphones), at least you will never be upstaged by any of your friends. Sharp’s newest release, the 80″ Aquos LED LCD TV ($5,499.99) is currently the biggest LED LCD TV in the world and as such it deserves a place in your humble entertainment room.

Not only is it full HD 1080p and has 120Hz fine motion picture quality, but it is equipped with built-in Wi-fi to give you access to Smart TV’s convenient apps like Netflix, CinemaNow, Vude and Sharp’s Aquos Advantage Live online support in case you have issues with your TV…or your vision. Extra features like Vyper Drive, which eliminates lag between video game systems and the display, and Dual USB Inputs that allow you to view HD video, music and photos on your TV come standard with your purchase. How can you go to football games anymore when the players look even bigger and realer on your flatscreen? Shipping for the TVs are starting within the next couple of days, so own the experience of having practically a JumboTron hanging on your wall.