Introducing MotoArt

It’s highly unlikely you’d want a desk chair made out of airplane seats (as I mentioned previously, they give you temporary neck paralysis), but if you ever want any other home furniture made from vintage airplane parts, Motoart is the way to go. In need of a desk? Motoart will transform the plane’s support beams, windshield and wing into the flyest desk you will ever own.

Everything is authentic and hand-made by the hands of artists: beds made out of tail wings, bars made with nose cones, EJECTION CHAIRS. The craziest, though, goes to coffee tables.

Take an engine, a turbine, a spinner or a wheel rim and put a piece of glass on it and BOOM, you finally have something to brag about when your in-laws stop by to visit. The company should change its name to Photoart, ’cause every piece is a work of art deserving of a snapshot. And when it comes time to let go of your artwork, you have the option to sell it for parts…or build a plane. All that’s missing is for your racecar bed to be made from a flying, time-travelling DeLorean.

Lots more to comes from Motoart