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MSA Gallet LH 050

You may be thinking about the need for a helmet when you’re flying a helicopter. It’s not like you’re going to suddenly come across a branch and proceed to dive head-first into the sidewalk (it all happened so fast). But don’t be so quick to dismiss potentially life-saving equipment such as the ever so light MSA Gallet LH 050 ($1,655.00) Helicopter Helmet . In addition to protecting pilots in the event of a crash, helmets house ear protection, inbuilt radios, and visors–that protect eyes from dust and snow–while lessening the force of rough landings, more common in helicopters than planes. They also come in handy when you stick your head out the heli to check out the babe 1,000 feet below and a suicidal dove comes crashing into the side of your face (it all happened so fast). The big seller about the MSA Gallet, though, is the fact that it’s the lightest and most popular of all helicopter helmets on the market. Used by law enforcement and air medical groups, it extremely comfortable and customizable, allowing space for your ears and the visors, cords and communication packages you desire. Lightness increases portability while decreasing neck strain, giving your neck muscles a break so by the time your flight’s done you don’t come out looking like Takeo Spikes.

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