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October 2011 Blades Magazine Cover

September was a great month for Blades Magazine. Blades is now the leading Aviation Entertainment Magazine on the internet all thanks to our loyal readers. We would like to thank all you Blade Heads out there who send us amazing stories and products to review. Blades Magazine is now ready for 2012, we have a new look, new contributors & very sexy Blades Girls.

In case you missed Blades Magazine in September here are the hottest stories we featured by category.

September Highlights

Jeb Corliss and Roberta Mancino Dreams & Fears

I love to watch Roberta Mancino spread em. ‘Em’ meaning the wings of her….(Read More)


Nike Announces ‘Back To The Future’ Shoes

This weekend when Nike released 1,500 pairs of the “Back to the Future” Mag Sneakers for auction…(Read More)


SixthSense Prototype

Every generation has its own Da Vinci. A revolutionary mind that provokes the minds of millions, affecting everyone with their ideas…(Read More)


Ithaa Underwater Restaurant

As if eating seafood didn’t make me feel guilty enough, now I have to deal with fish staring me down as I eat my meal…(Read More)

Sneak Peek at October’s Blades Girl

If you missed Septembers Blades Girl Tenaj Page you missed the sexiest pin-up in aviation history. The sexy and sweet Tenaj Page graces the pages of Blades Magazine as a pin-up fantasy Retro Raven. This bombshell, born and raised in Miami, is making waves in the Magic City. Her signature naughty-but-nice throwback style demands attention.  Learn more about the rockin’ beauty that is… Tenaj Page 

Introducing “The Sexy Assassins” 

Tenaj Page as the leader of the Sexy Assassins.