Attachable Phone Lenses

All you amateur photographer (or artísts as some call themselves) clear your pockets and make room for the convenient Attachable Phone Lenses ($49.99 for all 3). With just the simple placement of a ring that sticks to your phone, you can attach and detach magnetic photo lenses that zoom, widen, and warp your shots. The Fisheye Lens portrays the world as a fish sees it: a broad, bubble-like image. The Telephoto gives you a super zoomed-in picture, doubling the power of your camera phone. Lastly, the Macro/Wide Angle Lens is really a Macro Lens (that gives you crisp close-ups) with an extra attachable Wide Angle Lens to give you a photograph that has both depth of field and panorama. The perfect Christmas present, these highly portable lenses give you the opportunity to shoot wherever and whenever without being dragged down by 30 pounds of camera equipment.

[$49.99 for all 3]