Braun cruZer

You define a man by three things: his car, his house, and his stubble. Tell me if you’re not more inclined to think the man with the clean-shaven face is a little more successful than the ZZ Top-looking fellow with a beard running down his chest. The only way you’re gonna get a girl to say “Gimme All Your Lovin” is if you stock up your bathroom with Braun Male Grooming Products ($39.00 – $55.00).

Now I know I’m not the only one that buys stuff because it looks metallic and glows when you turn it on. Imagine my surprise when another impulse buy of what I thought was some sort of alien taser turned out to be a cruZer Shaver that offered actual performance and precision. With shavers that give you “a close shave you can see and feel” (which is a complete paradox seeing as how a close shave should make you feel absolutely nothing), trimmers that shimmer and clippers that will finally get rid of that Dumbledore river of hair flowing from your jaw, Braun has a tool to get the job done; and get you done.

How to get the “badass” look with Braun cruZer beard&head

[$39.00 - $55.00]