Virgin Galactic

Every time I go to space there’s always the issue of returning back to Earth safely and with stability, so the whole rocket doesn’t start rockin’. What the innovators at Virgin Galactic ($200,000.00) have come up with is a “feathering system” where the craft drops back into the atmosphere like a feather, swaying side to side like a feather.

This is just one of the many creative ideas being pumped out of Virgin Galactic, the cooler NASA…actually the only NASA. For example another is the new design for the SpaceshipTwo, in which its wings are able to fold up after having reached a certain height in the atmosphere. This ability makes it possible to actually start space launches from high altitudes, thus saving money, improving safety and avoiding the need for large, inconvenient ground-based rocketry.

All of these breakthroughs in space flight have been a part of their plan to turn space flight into commercial space flight. For just $200,000.00 a passenger can be taken to space along with a group of other lucky participants to experience the universe outside the boundaries of our planet…and zero gravity, cause that’s awesome too. (Price for flights is $200,000 with refundable deposits starting from $20,000.)

[$200,000 Tickets cost and deposits start from $20,000.]