Virgin America tags Xerox

Xerox is known for selling office equipment such as printers and scanners, making it easy for me to scan copies of books I borrow from the library, print them, and distribute them for a nice profit. Somehow their business plans shifted to helping an airline manage their call centers. Virgin America (along with other impressive clients like Michelin, Mr. Clean, Marriott and Ducati) have teamed up with Xerox as part of their goal to better globally market themselves. For Virgin America specifically, Xerox staffs, trains and monitors the quality of employees at the company’s call center, allowing them to focus on more customer-entertaining attractions (like when they brought in Victoria’s Secret models to catwalk up and down the plane’s aisle). This is all very unusual of Xerox. It’s like if my mechanic started helping me file my taxes. However odd it may be both companies are thriving, Virgin America’s productivity has increased 10% and Xerox has further broadened their client base to reach their new expansive objective.