Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub

You know you’ve struck a deadly sin when conventional bath tubs aren’t good enough for you. A Bathtub made of carbon fiber….this is where excess meets vainglory. You can have all the jets, yachts and watches you want but when you buy a No.1 Corcel Bathtub ($72,000.00) you’re basically telling the world their standard of clean is too dirty for you.

Corcel comes from the words Corpo Celeste, German for “celestial body” – presumably for the “celestial body” that will be climbing into the bathtub with you after witnessing such a display of wealth. At 2.43m long, 1.23m wide and 0.64m tall, little stands out about the tub, except that its made from the same materials used to build racecars and space shuttles. Still, such a strange application for this miracle fiber still comes second to the Carbon Fiber Moustrap. “No.1” can deny that this bathtub isn’t hot, but can it shoot out the same muscle-soothing jacuzzi jet streams as my “poor” bathtub?