Casio’s Edifice Watch

We at Blades speak a lot about watches and we encourage you to buy all of them. Yes, all of them. Now while you’re thinking of new places to strap on your timepieces (aka reasons for declaring bankruptcy), we’d like you to consider adding a new chronometer to your “chrollection”. Casio’s Edifice Watch ($60.00 – $200.00) is one of those rare watches you can wear both casually and formally, a harmonic balance between a Rolex and a Happy Meal Rugrats watch. Features include a solar panel that, along with the rechargeable battery, sustain the watch, a stopwatch, dual disk dials and 1/1000-second measurement precision. 1/1000-second measurements?! That means by the time you’ve finished this sentence the Edifice has already taken 4,000 measurements, give or take a few hundred. But precision is nothing without accuracy. The atomic watch also receives 6 time-calibration signals a day from 6 different locations (the US, the UK, Germany, China and 2 from Japan) situated in 5 different countries in 3 different continents. So now you’ll never have an excuse for missing that train to work, unless you were too busy admiring the sexiness of its many hands and dials to be worried about job punctuality.

[$60.00 - $200.00]