Virgin Oceanic Submarine

I maintain that deep within the trenches of the world, resting on the ocean floor waiting to be discovered lies a pineapple under the sea. For decades scientists and engineers have tried to snap a picture of the beloved Spongebob Squarepants, only to fail miserably every time…until now. Designed specifically for this task, the Virgin Oceanic Sub ($17,000,000.00 + Catamaran) dives 37,000 feet (7 miles), descending at a rate of about 350 feet per minute.

Carry the one and you find a trip to the bottom of the Marianna trench takes only two and a half hours, giving you twenty-one and a half hours left to cruise around the bottom of the ocean with your twenty-four hour operating span (also consider the fact that coming back to the surface takes time as well). If you’re ballsy enough to travel into pressures reaching 1,000 atmospheres keep in mind any sudden movement could rupture the vessel…and there’s no one down there to save you at 37,000 feet below sea level.

A few unique features to this already extraordinary submarine include being the first “full ocean depth”-capable piloted craft, recording both video and data throughout the journey and mimicking dolphins and whales by incorporating a flying wing that lets it “fly through the sea”…whatever that means. Test drive a Virgin Oceanic Sub today and discover how exciting miles upon miles of empty pitch-black water can really be.

[$17,000,000.00 + Catamaran]