Nike Announces ‘Back To The Future’ Shoes

Apparently there’s some movie called “Back to the Future”, and it’s supposed to be really good or something. I’ve never heard of it so this weekend when Nike released 1,500 pairs of the “Back to the Future” Mag Sneakers for auction, I assumed Nike was suddenly collaborating with Barack Obama on a new plan that will win him reelection…or maybe they were making him a few pairs of fresh kicks. Now, there are 2 types of crazy people in this world: movie nerds and sneakerheads, both of whom will spend a ridiculous amount of time camping outside till they get what they want. What do you get when these two overlap? Traffic down to 8th street from all the lines blocking the intersection and a nice fat pay cut for being late to work, thats what you get.

Fortunately this auction will be held online and bidders will do their bidding on eBay (which by the way sent me a large coin in lieu of the soccer cleats that i purchased), so we just won’t have internet for a couple of days. The true story here though is that all proceeds from the auction will go towards Back to the Future’s very own Michael J. Fox and his Foundation in order to fund Parkinson’s disease research (the disease Michael J. Fox is currently battling). Even Google founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojcicki have stepped in and offered to match all donations up to $50 million to go towards the foundation. So throw away those horrendous gray light-up strap-on Sketchers and get yourself a real man’s shoe. They won’t lace themselves or help you reach 88 mph, but be sure that with your newfound swag you’ll be able to find a better chick than your mom to take to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.