Learjet 85’s Bombardier

When selecting a jet to add to my collection, I seldom consider its engine specs or really anything regarding its performance. I usually just pick whichever matches my tie that day. Serendipitously, I happened to be wearing a red and white Waldo style tie when I purchased Learjet 85’s Bombardier.

I never knew jets with comfortable cabins and faster engines existed. The Bombardier goes farther faster, all while increasing fuel efficiency and lowering emissions. This sums up to less fuel stops and less time you have to spend at those evil airports. An added benefit to comfort aside from its sweet, sweet leather seats is the plane’s low noise signature which allows me to finally hear the terrible movies that all planes inevitably play.

The bottom line in the Bombardier is economics, because we all know those who buy jets are usually conservative and looking for ways to save their money.