Bleu de Chanel

If you haven’t seen the ad for Bleu de Chanel ($110.00), you’re one of the lucky ones. Like all fragrance ads, it makes absolutely no sense and is more irrelevant than the names of the colognes themselves. The gist of it is a handsome man that eerily resembles Andy Samberg gets totally rejected by a girl, and he informs a press conference he’s no longer “going to be the person he’s expected to be anymore”, followed by walking out of the conference room through collapsed walls. I’m assuming he’s now going to let himself go after getting rejected by that chick. Anyways, Bleu de Chanel is just like that ad, it leaves you thinking about the man. Isn’t there a law restricting how sexy a cologne can smell? If so this baby’s gettin the chair (I bet Rick Perry’s getting really happy right now). Seriously, I bathe in this stuff…which may explain why my eyes bleed whenever I dunk my head underwater, or “undercologne”?