Abolishing TSA

Tyrannical Sexual Abusers, that’s what TSA stands for, right? It seems the world’s most hated organization (followed only by Al Qaeda) got its just desserts today when several officers were arrested on charges of accepting bribes that allowed couriers to smuggle large amounts of painkillers and cash through the airport security checkpoints. You can’t blame the couriers, half those painkillers they used themselves to be able to get through the torment of dealing with the TSA. Officers were given $500 every time a drug courier was let on the flight, each of whom carried between 6,000 to 8,000 pills with them (and I can’t even get my toothpaste past the checkpoint). From there, the pills were transported from Florida to Connecticut, where they were sold at inflated prices. Out of the 20 people arrested, 3 federal officers were charged with possession and intent to distribute oxycodone. The astounding number of arrests were the result of a five-month investigation, where it was revealed one agent’s bribes totaled $20,000 and another agent was recorded coordinating with a witness (wearing a police wire) on how to smuggle a handgun through the screening checkpoint. The whole situation is very discomforting, but again so is the TSA.