David Yurman Jewelry Collection

Women can never have enough jewelry…well, figuratively. Economically, if my spouse is ever faced with a Sophie’s Choice conundrum like jewelry or her son’s college tuition, someone better snap that credit card for the sake of my child’s education. In any case, if you’re looking for refreshingly unique pieces of bling for your lady instead of those overplayed interlocking hearts, David Yurman ($200.00 – $15,000.00) is your guy. His New York-based studio cranks out designs for not only rings, bracelets and necklaces but for timepieces, eyewear, and fragrances as well.

In addition, to any men who have tried to rock the jewelry/accessory look: unless you’re Johnny Depp or Steven Tyler, you can’t pull it off…without the help of David Yurman. A special collection specified for those guys self-secure enough to show off their poise with gems and stones puts them at a superior level of suave. There’s something for everyone, so whether you’re spoiling your special someone with diamond necklaces or apologizing to your wife for spoiling a special someone with diamond necklaces, there’s a piece for that.

[$200.00 - $15,000.00]