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Switlik Aviation Survival Products

I’m always afraid of flying in helicopters. Not because of the height or anything, but because of the dreadful attire that comes with it. Aside from restricting my breathing, my crew vest weighs me down, distorts my posture and limits my swagger. Most days I hope the helicopter crashes and my life vest fails, so I’ll never have to wear it again. But a savior has arisen and answered the prayers of anyone who shares my views. Switlik is a company that designs stylish, comfortable safety products for marine, aviation and military use. Take their soft kevlar crew vest for example.

It distributes the weight load of anything you carry, ergonomically contours your shoulders, and keeps your spine from looking like a question mark. Even their inflatable single person life raft is revolutionary, utilizing a U-shape that allows entry from whichever side is up, a slight recline for better stability in rough waters, sea anchors, rapid inflation, and yellow, because yellow’s nice. Their products are so comfortable and fashionable I would even wear their dry-suit all day long, and that thing looks like a prison jumpsuit. Keep your life safe and your swag safer with any of Switlik’s apparel.