Movado Bold Collection

You can never have too many watches. Unless you have a clock in your phone, then the idea of a watch becomes obsolete. Yet society sometimes continues unreasonable practices, like having a vice president or celebrating birthdays or wearing clothes. Clothes were made to protect us from the elements and keep us warm, but we live in houses now. I’m not trying to preach nudism or anything, I’m just trying to make a point: that you should look into buying a watch from the Movado Bold Collection ($350.00). Sporting the minimalist look that everyone adores, the Movado Bold Collection flaunts nothing but a circle, a small hand, and a big hand. You might as well draw two lines on your arm. The elegant black combined with the simplicity of line and shape make these watches modern yet sophisticated. Be aware that the lack of ticks indicating hour may be confusing at first. Don’t make the same mistake I did, showing up an hour late for work and an hour early for my date. A great fit for anyone, young or old… or old trying to be young.