McIntosh Audio

Sometimes in life you just need to invite some friends over, grab your guitars and shred a nasty Lynyrd Skynyrd “Free Bird” solo. Now judging by the fact that you’re probably not Lynyrd Skynyrd (and if you are, I’m a huge fan Mr. Skynyrd) and that 6 guitars playing at the same time aren’t easy to synchronize, you probably sound awful. But if the amps you’re using are giving you crazy feedback and unbearable distortion, you’ll sound more like white noise. The next time you decide to take it back to ’74 you might wanna buy an amplifier from McIntosh Labs. Where did the “a” from Macintosh go? McIntosh has it hanging on the fridge because I game them an A for performance. This brand knows everything audio. They sell quality products yet still maintain some of the industry’s traditions that were in place when they first started the business, like the use of Watt Meters or the tube amps that radiate the warmth of making music, literally. Look to McIntosh the next time you need to buy Home Theater Speakers or Amplifiers or Preamplifiers, if you feel you’re not yet ready to handle the responsibility that comes with owning a real amplifier.