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Phil Pauley Cruiser

Getting bored of your 100 foot yacht? Is your submarine not as “party accommodating” as you thought it would be? Do you need to enter “fly mode” because the waves are a little too rocky for you to relax on? The solution to all your obnoxious problems: the Phil Pauley Cruiser. With amazing features that allow you to both dive just under the swell of the ocean and fly over all of the fish you’re guaranteed an entirely new experience in tranquility and pleasure. The cruiser also has the ability to raise its deck space into a whole new floor its creators call “The Party Deck”. Funny, thats the same name my college roommates gave our patio; it used to be “Party House”, but our house was being fumigated. Whether you’re underwater admiring the coral in the reef and the bodies in the Hudson, or flying at 100 knots dodging pelicans and jumping dolphins, there’s no way you can not be having fun…unless its the last day you legally own it before your wife takes it in the divorce settlement”