Ciil Technologies Weatherproof Flat Panel TVs

Like all men with high self-esteems, I enjoy a good soap opera while I’m unwinding in my jacuzzi tub. But relaxation does come with a price when I have to buy a new TV every week because of water vapor seeping under the screen. That is, until I found Ciil Fully-Sealed TVs ($599+), now the only thing that can get me out of the tub is the fear of it overflowing with my tears (Dammit Michelle, why’d you have to cheat on Jack with Pablo?!). In addition to providing a completely waterproof display, Ciil TVs protect their screens from heat, cold, ice, and dust. They stay cool even without vents, filters or exhaust fans, so you get no noise and no dust or insects damaging your TV. All this makes for a very versatile TV that can be taken out on the patio, next to the pool, in the kitchen or next to the bath tub for entertainment that is safe anywhere. Perfect for even the rowdiest of crowds: from toddlers to party-crazy teens to sports nuts. So now when Chad Henne misses a pass or throws an interception, my TV will remain safe when I throw my soda and Tostitos at the screen.

[$599 & Up]