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“Retro Raven” September 2011 Cover

August Recap

Before we move on to September I would like to thank the key ingredients to our climbing fan base because of this amazing team we are where we should be today.  Here they are master of words Howard Gil (Gadgets/Style/Aviation), the sassy Shayne Benowitz (Blades Girl Reporter/Travel),  triple threat Benhur Barrero GoCoverGirls (Photographer) and the rest of the contributors who would like to stay anonymous until 2012.

How lucky were the guys at this photo shoot? In case you missed what all the commotion was about here she is again Tasha Ford August Blades Girl in the photo series called Skyline Couture.

September 2011 Retro Raven”

September we celebrate aviation culture on Blades Magazine. We will be introducing Tenaj Page our sexy pin up model featured on this months cover of Blades Magazine in a photo series called “Retro Raven“. We will also reveal Blades Magazine new look in preparation for 2012.  We hope you enjoy the exciting new features on Blades Magazine.