Aether Apparel

For a large base of the athletic population, it is difficult to find sportswear or any type of clothing that suits their age group or lifestyle. They can’t really wear Under Armor and a college t-shirt, it would seem like they were trying to pick up young chicks in order to ease their midlife crisis. It’s also difficult to go for a jog when you have your head down for fear of being seen wearing an all-gray sweatsuit that your grandfather also wears. If you find yourself in this trench of desperation, Aether Apparel is for you. With the finest in fabric, style and performance, Aether gives even those not in their later years a swag upgrade. The line strips down clothing to its fundamentals, both in color and function: black things are black, and insulators keep you warm, no extravagance involved. Feel sophisticated and comfortable at the same time while you run, swim, stay warm and stay cool.

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