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The Art of Flight

It opens in theaters this month and it’s going to push the boundaries of what you call thrilling. The plot revolves around a team with the objective to explore this white, chalky terrain few have ever trekked, where it’s difficult to keep from flying off the surface. But enough about Apollo 18, The Art of Flight movie sees its world premiere next Wednesday and it’s not so bad a movie either. To add to the aforementioned plot, The Art of Flight follows Travis Rice and his team over two years as they snowboard every isolated, dangerous snowy mountain at their disposal (everywhere from Alaska to Chile to Aspen). The film demonstrates the relationship between snowboarders and helicopter pilots, each with their own bit of crazy and linked together with a bond like soldiers in a battlefield. New tricks, avalanches, and tree collisions await in this action-adventure. And it’s always important to remember, no matter what reviews this movie may get, it will always be better than The Godfather III.