Cobalt Co50 Aircraft

Why do people buy Ferrari’s? Well, partly for the speed and partly to compensate for some of their “shortcomings” but mainly the reason is that they see everyone and their mother driving around in their Mercedes’ and BMW’s. “Style is gauged by its uniqueness relative to others”Blades Magazine. So how can one be a stylish individual in their private jet knowing there are so many politicians, actors and bad music makers using the same plane as them? This was the thinking behind Cobalt’s Co50 Aircraft ($650,000.00), a faster, more stylish aircraft. Its extremely lightweight, aerodynamic design allow for less drag and speeds of up to 280 mph with 380 pounds of payload. This also means you can travel 690 miles with 4 other passengers or 1,320 miles solo. The stabilizer being placed at the front instead of the aft allows for direct control of lift, meaning more stability (even at low speeds), efficiency and safety in the fact that the wings do not stall. The Co50’s luxurious interior includes leather seats, vast legroom, and an unmatched panoramic view. One of Cobalt’s favorite motto’s is “Customization is not an “option” – it’s the standard”, so you choose the color, the wood details, and whether or not you wanna write “So Fly” on the side of your plane.